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Sonntag, 18. April 2010

Second Pinyin Sudoku - BEI

This is the second sudoku sheet, focussing on "bei".

Additional information: Traditional characters are given in brackets. All sudoku setups themselves are considered to be "easy", which is why I left out the solutions. If you fail, just print it out again and try again... the more writing practice, the better ;-) If you should find any real mistakes, please tell me.

Credits: Characters - I use the free software Xuexi Zhongwen for the character lists. This program also has a nice learning game and text reading feature. The progam works with the free dictionary CEDICT.
Sudoku Puzzles - I generate them using the OpenSky Sudoku Generator and adapt them to show each character four times, so that it has to be written five times before the sudoku is solved.

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