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Samstag, 10. April 2010

First Pinyin Sudoku: FANG I

Some people spend a lot of time on solving sudokus but I couldn't see why. Then one day I came across websites and books about sudokus with chinese characters and found that this is actually a nice additional method for learning this language (well, at least parts of it...; by the way, I am referring to "putonghua").

Chinese characters look confusingly similar. Moreover, exchanging a radical or a tone results in a completely different meaning. So to get the most important characters straight for myself, I decided to build Pinyin Sudokus, each set of them focussing on one pinyin syllable.

A google search I did just now on "Pinyin Sudoku" showed no results for this exact combination, so I guess I invented it ;-)

Thus I present the first set to you - on "FANG" which is quite appropriate because the German word "Anfang" means "beginning". I aim to make one every other week (or more if I can find the time).
I suggest filling in the first Sudoku to get acquainted with the characters, the second one some days later to practise, and the third one some weeks later to facilitate long-term memory. Have fun!

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