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Freitag, 26. Dezember 2014

Upcycling weekend project - Pencil holder

Some of you may have seen it in my Twitter presence, now here is a short explanation of how it's done (if anyone needs an explanation at all - it's very simple):

Cut an empty tubular cardboard package (I used a Pringles' box) into shorter tubular parts. They can have different heights but in this case, I cut them equal, to about one third of the original height. Now cut two small slits into the sides of each part: into the top part starting from the bottom, and into the bottom part starting from the top. Stick the two parts together. Don't forget to attach a piece of cardboard at the bottom then, some duct tape will do. At last, decorate the outsides, and according to your taste also the insides, with parts of a nice vintage poster, textile or other suitable material you would have thrown away otherwise. Painting would also do but look out for colours that are not toxic... And voilà, you have a nice, useful and economic pencil holder!

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