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Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

Pinyin Sudoku 33 - Li I

Li is one of the most common Chinese surnames, and written 李 it simply means "plum". Judging from the character, which is composed of "tree"(upper part) and "child" (lower part), this fruit seems to be seen as child of a tree - very nice.

Another "li", which is not included in this sudoku, is 逦, lǐ, and means "winding". It contains the radical "to walk" (lower part) and the "lì" in the upper part means "beautiful". It suggests that e.g. a winding road would be someting beautiful for the chinese, which is also very nice. I really like discovering aspects like this, they make this language really fascinating (and cause you to remember the queerest words, although you really don't need them ;-).

By the way, good that Ai WeiWei has been released. I really hope this is independent of Wen Jiabao's journey to 欧洲 - Ouzhou, Europe... He should stay free and be able to come to Berlin soon. After all, he is just an artist...!

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